Apply Debit Card

The Prepaid Debit card that you get here at ebank26 provides you with full control over the daily spending that you do. The payments that you make are all limited to the money that you have in the prepaid card. All you have to do is link up the prepaid card when you need to travel and shop and you can use it anywhere.

Interesting Features

  • The currencies available are see list:
  • The method is a very convenient one and is the card is widely accepted worldwide
  • There is 3D online option of security
  • You will be able to use the cards on ATMs, Telephone, Internet, Mail Orders, and POS
  • Upload or download from your account to your debit card instantly
  • Instant message alerts
  • Monthly statement
  • You get online access to your history of transactions via internet banking

Stat your ebank opening today by ordering your ebank26 debit card.