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Ebank26 offers swift transfer or debit card exchange best rates.

We make overseas money transfers simple for you – you’ll get access to a Currency Expert, we don’t charge any fees, and you could make a significant saving compared to your bank.

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How it works

Create an account with ebank26

Once you’ve created an account with us you can gain access to our live exchange rates 24/7. Opening an account is simple, fast and free.

Secure a great rate

Let’s say you decide to travel to another country, before you start traveling we offer you to exchange the currency to the country you about to visit.

With us you can make transfers to more than 200 countries in over 40 currencies.

Go to your exchange currency page (insert link for exchange) choose the amount you like to exchange and you will see the rate we offer, compare to other services so you are 100% sure and comfortable to know we have the best rate available, then secure the rate and buy the new currency you need,

With your debit card you have the ability to withdraw the new currency from ATM or our with multi-currency card

We’ll do the rest

The exchange is done instant*. Use your account via desktop or with our ebank26 App.