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Money control lives we all know that, is money really is all we are? We are different, we care for the others, we feel the pain of the others and their need of survival, Imagine the person on the street that is hopeless and no real bank will help or reach to him to open a bank account or provide them the banking facility they need to survived day by day, with our donation account anyone can open account and have the help they deserve,

You can also become part of our humanitarian services and help the families and individuals that don’t have any hopes in their lives, with our help together to of these amazing services that we offer for those who can’t have it somewhere else. Charity is not something that needs to happen face to face or done door-to-door. In modern age we can help secretive the others without them being embarrassed or suffer from humiliations, we envite them to open account within a min they have already account where they can receive funds from good heart people that want to help them to become a better person and save the children’s on the street that have no hope or education,

Together we can place those kids to special school where they will treated better and be accepted like all the other children’s, we want to help the mothers who been abused by life and can’t support her household, and much more

Each dollar is countable with your dollar + my Euro and other GBP they will have the money they need to survive in dignity and with respect, we will change the world together Let us all join Ebank26 donation program today and be part of savings other people life’s.

Human dignity is in danger. In 2019 we must stand as one to survive

What Can You Do

  • Let us help the individuals and families who have difficult times, by making our small donation today
  • There is a unique and interesting way of reaching out to these people who can’t see positivity in life. It is time to reach out one to another how? ebank26 helps you in doing exactly that. You will be able to make a donation to the people in need via direct card to card or internal transfer
  • Imagine how happy you will be by knowing you just helped a person in this earth that you actually never met, giving donation is something Godly and we all know what goes around comes back 100 times better.
  • Who really is the giving? Is the person that give to the other is the actual giver or the person that gave someone else the opportunity to give is actually the giver, we actually receiving our reward by doing the right thing and help the other not matter of their faith, religious, color, age.
  • If you know of someone in need please help them to open account and make sure to tell you friends to donate,

Ebank26 we make a different world we make this world a better place,
Ebank26 donate 20% of their net profits to people and organizations each month.

Join us today.